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Search Engine Optimization

SEO Websites, Easy and Effective

The PRstore’s search-optimized websites are for serious business owners who need a website accountable business growth.

Don’t build a website that isn’t already optimized for your target traffic, and then start looking for SEO (search engine optimization). This two-step process is now an inefficient and costly mistake, and it’s unnecessary with the option of a pre-optimized site.

The PRstore delivers “SEO websites”, custom-optimized right out of the box for your target search traffic. Depending on your business goals for growth and your online competition, “Off Page SEO” and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing can be added to improve your rank in search results and drive targeted traffic.

Accountable Small Business Websites with Tracking & Reporting

Small business owners need their resources to do what they promise, including websites. The PRstore’s SEO websites will immediately get you “indexed” by Google and other major search engines for the target keywords which align with your business growth goals.

Our Basic SEO Website Package includes 6 months of hosting and reporting, so you have a baseline measurement of website performance, plus monthly traffic and keyword ranking.

The PRstore reporting will provide insight into your next decisions .. whether or not you need monthly SEO to improve rank in search results, and if you want to test PPC to evaluate targeted keyword traffic.

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